Social Butterflies

Performing a Social Media Marketing Campaign requires specific knowledge to succeed otherwise it can lead to damaging reputation in online and offline environment. Despite the communication benefits, Social Marketing is not suitable for any type of business.

Atlan can help you understand which channels are suitable for your business and then set up and run the Social Media campaigns for your company.

Relevant content can be setup to auto-push into all your brands social feeds, saving you time and greatly increasing brand ownership while keeping your brand fresh in the minds of those you are connected with.

Featured Example

Industry: Non-profit association supporting people with mental illness
Service: Social Marketing


Date range: October 2010 – present

Context: Mood Disorders Society of Canada was born from the vision and the will of the authorities in the mental health field in Canada, which in 1995 had felt the need for a broad national structure to unite all those who need or may assist in treating and reducing the stigma of mental illness sufferers.

Challenges:  Establishing interactions in mental health field, addressing topics of discussion of high sensitivity in the process of promoting MDSC. A major challenge was to encourage people to talk openly about mental illness on public social platforms about: their experiences, barriers encountered and ways to reduce the symptoms and successfully integrate into the society.
The Facebook page already existed but had less than 50 fans, while the Twitter account was not even created. There were no interactions, people hesitated to talk openly and share their personal experiences.

Actions taken:

We designed and implemented a Twitter skin and on Facebook we created several tabs of interest:

  • Landing tab for non-fans
  • Campaigns and conferences tab
  • Dedicated resources tab (online brochures)

After analyzing the particular environment in which MDSC operates, we put together an online strategy with specific steps to be followed in order to achieve the objectives:

  • We identified and contacted authorities in the mental health field in Canada, which had a strong presence and online activity and were open to helping
  • We analyzed industry resources to have a very good understanding of the subject matter
  • We created an interactive list of topics and questions that we submitted to the customer for approval
  • We began interacting through social platforms getting support from the authorities in the field, from public figures who were willing to help and from other fans.


During these years, the community built around Mood Disorders Society is now as follows:

  • 9,465 fans on Facebook (on August 31st, 2016)
  • 18,061 followers on Twitter (on August 31st, 2016)
  • 138,306 interactions from fans/followers during the past 12 months
  • 2,445 visits coming from Facebook and Twitter on the MDSC website during the past 12 months.



Social Marketing creates a relationship with individuals and provides brand trust. It is most successful when treated as a one to one communication channel rather than one to many (like a website or radio ad). By opening a dialogue with targeted people more people will be exposed to the brand. Once people add a social presence to their account, you then maintain top-of-mind awareness anytime you release company information indefinitely.