Mobile Marketing

“Those damn kids always have their face in their phones, amirite?”

Well, if you those kids to be your clients, you’re gonna need to reach out to them where their eyeballs spend their leisure time.

Using both Google and Apple’s platforms for mobile marketing, we have the expertise to make your website mobile friendly, promote direct downloads of your app, and to get your brand in front of them within both web content and within the Apps they play in.

Featured Example

Smartlink SA   Geneva, Switzerland

Smartlink is a Swiss-based app development shop who developed an App allowing users to top up their prepaid mobile phones without having to take the trip to their local telecom provider.

We created a digital campaign that ran exclusively on mobile phones, hitting the exact demographic for the App.  The campaign ran in four languages, in Europe and the Middle East, and prompted users from all around the Mediterranean to download and utilize Smartlink’s new App.