Digital Marketing

Our team is well experienced in PPC advertising and fluent on all Google’s different advertising platforms. We specialize in e-commerce, mobile marketing, digital media buying and PPC placement. Using our proprietary technology, we provide detailed reports and analytics on all digital expenditures and results. Then we optimize, mercilessly.

Full List of Services:

  • Ongoing SEO Optimization /Maintenance of Website
  • Google PPC Suite Initial Setup, Launch and Refinement
  • Google PPC Suite Ongoing Optimization, Manual Management, Negative Keywords
  • Google PPC Suite Algorithmic Optimization Service
  • Mobile Marketing Strategy Determination and Setup
  • Traditional Display Marketing Management
  • Network Advertising Management
  • Social Advertising Management
  • Reputation Management & Blog Marketing
  • Social Media Page and Interactions Management
  • Social Media Digital Construct Creation & Implementation
  • Push site content to Social Media
  • Link Building Research and Outreach Management
  • Detailed Monthly Reporting
  • Sponsored Content Deployment
  • Mass Emailing Campaign Creation, Setup and Management
  • Video Editing, Format Optimization and Uploading to Platform(s) of choice
  • Audio Editing, Optimization and Uploading to Platforms(s) of choice
  • Website Facelift and SEO Optimization Service
  • Above-the-line creative (graphics and type)
  • Above-the-line Ad copywriting
  • Copy-Editing for impact, SEO and grammar

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