We create effective digital content that delivers.  All campaigns are conceptualized to suit a client’s exact message, optimized with analytics and savoir-faire, and steered directly to target users.

All campaigns are created to harmonize with your brand – linking the look, the emotion and the essence of your mark from advertisement to website to product.

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Green Pawz Pet Supply   Ann Arbor, MI

An established, green-oriented pet food shop in Ann Arbor, Michigan, came to us looking to expand their customer base.  Their budget was limited, but they wanted to get the word out that they provided a local alternative to the chain-big-box-type pet stores in the area.

We created two digital campaigns, a Google Adwords to capture search inquiries, and a new-age themed Google Display Network campaign to promote their local brand.

The advertising budget was set to maximize exposure, whilst not exceeding a monthly cap set by the client.  The ads were geo-targeted to run only in Ann Arbor, a college town with a population of 117,000, and the surrounding counties.

In six months, we tripled web traffic and delivered over 1 million impressions to target users within a 15-mile radius of the shop – all on a modest monthly budget.  The banners were effective enough with locals that the shop adopted the look and began displaying the banners in their window.

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