Brand Development

If you’re not quite sure what your brand should look like, or if you’re not over-the-moon about your current branding, we can help.  We will sit down with you, learn all the ins-and-outs of your industry and niche, and brainstorm different potentialities with you.

We can design logos, propose new brand names, create different web looks and even test different look and feels with A/B landing page testing.  In the end, we’ll have a branding scheme we can compete online with and one that you’re proud to showoff.

Featured Example   Luxembourg

A newly launched hedge fund wished to create a digital face for themselves, but didn’t know how to compose themselves within the already saturated market space.

We developed branding that matched their business, highlighting and building upon the niche they occupied.  All content was written to support the brand identity, as well as to bolster the new website’s page rank and visibility.

(Artist: Raphael Lourdin)

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